About Maria

Maria Akelan is a singer, songwriter and pianist originally born in Vilnius, Lithuania, which is famous for its multicultural diversity. Maria composes songs and writes poems in Russian, Lithuanian and English languages.

Soft, emotional, cosy singer’s voice combined with deep, simple but outstanding lyrics make Maria’s music unique and authentic.

Since early childhood, Maria has been interested in music and literature. She graduated from Vilnius B. Dvarionas 10-year music school, jazz and pop music programme, where she specialised in piano and singing. She accomplished university programme in English philology, which has a strong influence on her art and is reflected in exclusively poetic lyrics and songs composition.

Performing solo and with live music bands, Maria took part in and won a number of singing, piano and song writing competitions. She was successful in receiving the award for best singer and won first prize in the Lithuanian national song-writing competition, Durys. Maria both created and performed a soundtrack for a psychological thriller movie in America. She also participated in a popular music reality show, which aired on leading local TV channels. Alongside her passion for music, Maria has a love for acting, modelling and is the face of a women’s clothing line in Lithuania.

This winter, Maria’s solo album “Eternity of Dreams” makes its debut release and was recorded in her home country of Lithuania with a talented team of experts. “Eternity of Dreams” is a nine-track, instrumental-electronic music album of songs in three languages. Subtle music arrangements and delicate yet vibrant Maria’s song performance easily find the way to listeners’ hearts. Since its release, “Eternity of Dreams”has gained substantial attention from the media, radio stations and music lovers both in Maria’s home country and abroad.  Click here to watch the official album launch.

Following on from her success, Maria released the Russian version of the album named “Снов бесконечность” which has received remarkable reviews from esteemed musical experts.

Along with the album release, the artist invites her listeners to watch a set of exciting music videos


“Kitaip” “Я вернусь к тебе”,

“Eternity of Dreams”  /   “Созвучье тишины” , 

“The Morning Sun”  “Рассвет ,

 “The Snow”“Снег”,

“Lopšinė”  / “Колыбельная”  and “Gelstantys lapai”.

This music project is developed in cooperation with artists and producers from Lithuania, Ireland, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine. 

You are welcome to enjoy Maria’s art.

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