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Maria’s solo album “Eternity of Dreams” is out.

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Maria Akelan is an artist from Vilnius, Lithuania. Since the early childhood she has been interested in music. Maria graduated from Vilnius B. Dvarionas 10-year music school, jazz and popular music programme, the class of piano and singing. Maria composes songs and writes poems in Russian, Lithuanian and English languages.

Singing solo and together with live music bands, Maria took part and won various kinds of singing, piano playing and song writing competitions. She was acknowledged the best singer and won the first prize in Lithuanian national song-writing competition Durys. Maria created and performed a sound track for a psychological drama of an American filmmaker. Also she took part in the most popular music reality show on the leading local TV channels. As well as being deeply in music, Maria does acting and photo modelling and is a commercial face of Lithuanian women clothing line.

This winter Maria comes out with her solo album “Eternity of Dreams” recorded in the home country Lithuania with a great creative team. It is a nine-track popular instrumental-electronic music album in three languages. Soft, emotional, cozy singer’s voice together with subtle, simple but meaningful lyrics and music easily find the way to listeners hearts. Since its release the album “Eternity of Dreams” got high attention from music lovers, radio stations, media in her home country and abroad. Watch the album launch moments.

Following this success, in spring Maria releases the Russian version of the album named “Снов бесконечность” which is also publicly very well accepted. 

Alongside with the album, the artist introduces to the listeners a set of new, stylish music videos “Meilė”, “Kitaip”/“Я вернусь к тебе”, “Eternity of Dreams”/ “Созвучье тишины” , “The Morning Sun”/ “Рассвет” and “The Snow”/“Снег”

This music project is developed in cooperation with artists and producers from Lithuania, Ireland, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine. 

You are welcome to enjoy Maria’s art.


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